Virtual + Augmented Reality Hackathon in Lausanne

The VR Hackathon is an annual event held in Lausanne. Coders, designers, artists and creative minds gather around new devices and new ideas to create innovative projects during the first week-end of december

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Friday nov 30 - 1 dec - 2 dec!


Romande Energie SmartLab
EPFL - Innovation Park
Lausanne- Switzerland

Food, drinks, and sleeping

We provide food and non-alcoolic drinks.
Sleeping is not provided (Space is open from 8am to 24pm)

How much

We ask a participation of 10 CHF for the food


Bring your own Laptops or Computers, we have electricity and Wifi
Also bring your VR devices if you have. Otherwise some will be provided


We welcome every profile, coders, artists, designers, thinkerer, poets, etc.
Due to space limitations we limit the number of participants to 40 max.

You can come with your team or alone.
There will be a team-building session for people coming alone

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Schedule (subject to changes)


18:00-19:30 : Free Arrival and installation

19:30 : "Keynote"

20:00-end : Team formations + brainstorming


8:00-24:00 : Hacking + food breaks

13:00 : Pizza lunch + Idea sharing / feedback


8:00-16:00 : Hacking

16:00 : End of hackathon, chill-out break

17:00 : Roundtable of project

18:00 : End of the Hackathon


Romande Energie SmartLab
Innovation Park, Building F
EPFL, 1015 Lausanne - Switzerland

Registrations online

Registrations will open
22 October 2018

Thank you for your patience

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